galleries association of korea

Korea Galleries Art Fair, as the very first Art Fair in Korea and hosted by
Galleries Association of Korea, aims to popularize artworks and activize the art market, through the trading and exhibition of prominent artists’ works supported by participating galleries.

Approximately 60 Galleries Association of Korea members’ galleries and corporations related to art participate in the Korea Galleries Art Fair, creating an independent exhibition area in response to the diversity and thus becomes an exposition that sells and exhibits a variety of genres ranging from paintings, sculptures, videos..etc From 1979 1st Art Fair to the 4th, the name was Galleries Association of Korea Fair. However, from 1986, the 5th Art Fair, the name changed to Seoul Art Fair and finally in 2009 as the representative of the Korean art market, the name changed to Korea Galleries Art Fair.

Korea Galleries Art Fair, striving for the improvement of art culture, the expansion of the distribution order of artworks and promotion of a stable art market, has held a major role in leading the vitalization of the art market and expansion of clientele as well as creating future customers.